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Jim Cramer Says Investors Aren’t Ready for Travel Boom

from CNBC March 23, 2021
Jim Cramer Says Investors Aren’t Ready for Travel Boom

Jim Cramer said on CNBC TV on March 3 that investors aren’t ready for a possible post-COVID travel boom on pent-up demand. Cramer anticipates a ferocious travel recovery from the pandemic, which would be positive for companies with exposure to the travel industry and for the U.S. economy overall.

CNBC notes that optimism surrounding travel and flying is growing as COVID vaccinations are becoming more widely available. In early March, President Joe Biden said the U.S. is on track to have enough doses for every American adult by the end of May – two months sooner than the administration had predicted.

Shares of travel-related companies had been hit the hardest since the pandemic began, including cruise operators, airlines, hotels and restaurants. Now that the world is “reopening,” it could be time for a recovery in share prices.

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