October 2020 Market Recap

Air travel continues to rebound in China but remains subdued globally due to a growing number of coronavirus infections and the reintroduction of lockdown measures. Although bullion was down for the month, gold coin buying surged to a record high. Click the buttons below to read our recap of the airline sector and gold market … Continued

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Warren Buffett Likes the Airline Industry JETS, U.S. Global ETFs, Berkshire Hathaway

Aviation Videos from Around the Web

Take a look at some of the most interesting aviation videos that we’ve come across! From the world’s largest airport to the history of aircraft models. The World’s Biggest Airport – New Instabul Airport by Sam Chui The Economics of Airline Class by Wendover Productions The History of the Boeing 787 by DJ’s Aviation Opinions … Continued

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Airline Investors: We’ve Been Here Before

Alan Joyce, CEO of Australia’s flagship carrier Qantas Airways, has never seen anything like it. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been “the single biggest shock that global aviation has ever experienced,” he said in a recent memo to the airline’s 30,000 staff members.  Joyce’s message rings loud and clear. Due to global … Continued

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