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A Comprehensive Primer on the U.S. Global Jets ETF (JETS)

from ETF Store August 20, 2015

In this comprehensive interview with the ETF Store’s Nate Geraci, U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes shares the impetus for the idea behind the U.S. Global Jets ETF. He explains that over two million people fly in the U.S. every day, which points to an opportunity for growth. Ever since carriers recovered from a wave of bankruptcies, they’ve strengthened their business models by consolidating, trimming flights and introducing new special fees. Frank also walks listeners through the fund’s allocation methodology, describing how he and his team managed to lower the expense ratio down to 0.60 percent.

When asked where JETS might fit in an investor’s portfolio, Frank says that it helps to think of the airline industry as a subset of the industrials sector. Listen to “Frank Holmes Spotlights U.S. Global Jets ETF,” on

Article summary written by U.S. Global Investors.